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  Selling your business - getting started
  Being well prepared for the selling process eliminates stress  

Your business isn't just any business. It is a living monument to late-night homework and early-morning deadlines. An accumulation of sweat, equity and lifetime achievement.

The decision to sell your business can be the most important decision of your life. Turning your operation into cash is a complex affair involving hundreds of variables. You face an uncertain economy, unbridled competition, sophisticated buyers and, without professional guidance, you face them alone.

American Business Brokers intermediaries have professionally orchestrated hundreds of business sales transactions.

With our worldwide affiliation, American Business Brokers business offerings are regularly presented to numerous potential domestic and international buyers.

Consider the Facts: One out of four American businesses change hands each year. There are thousands of people - right now - pondering the message in this ad.


The vast majority of all business sellers are first-time sellers, unprepared to meet the complexities and time demands of a business sale transaction.

"Do-it-yourself" sellers typically receive considerably less than the fair market value of their businesses.

Over 50% of all small-to-medium sized business sales arranged by sellers without professional help result in transactional problems, dissatisfaction or default.

Today's business buyer demands reliable financial and operational information that can be confirmed. Utilizing the services of American Business Brokers will ensure that you do it right the first time. Here are some of the advantages for you as a seller to work with American Business Brokers.

Here are some things for you to consider

Seller Orientation
American Business Brokers will guide you through the process of selling a business. We will explain legal details, proper positioning in the market, how your business will be marketed, what buyers are looking for in a business, how we will accomplish the financing of the business and the amount of time it usually takes to sell a business.

If the time is right to sell your business and other details to ensure that the sale of your business is a good experience and that you get the highest value possible for your business.
American Business Brokers understands confidentiality. One of the biggest concerns of selling a business is maintaining the confidentiality of the sale of the business from the employees, vendors and customers of the business. The sale is to be handled in a transparent manner whereby business continues as normal and confidentiality is maintained up to the day of closing.

American Business Brokers is very much aware of this issue and will handle the sale of your business with full confidentiality. This includes not only having the buyers sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and using confidentiality when advertising or listing your business on the Internet or locally, but also explaining in detail to buyers the enhanced value to the business through the maintaining of confidentiality.
We will guide you in the negotiations process. This process can be tedious and demanding even if you are experienced or inexperienced at this. We all experience some sort of negotiations in our daily lives, however when we are negotiating with one of the larger assets of your life you want to have experienced professionals on your team.

Negotiating is an adversarial positioning game and must be handled delicately to ensure a smooth transition is performed. Our team of brokers are highly-trained at negotiating these sales and do this everyday and are focused on accomplishing a win-win outcome for all parties. Don’t scrimp when to negotiating use professionals.
No Up-Front Fees
There are no up-front fees to you. We only get paid when we help you to find a buyer for your business. We are then paid a percentage of the total sale of the business.
Free Marketing Package
We will develop a Presentation Package for your business. This package will be used to market your business. This will include your financials, locations, history and background, physical assets, operation of the business, competition, offering price and terms and ways to improve the business and much more.
Help Determining Price
We will help you determine the asking price of your business. To begin with we become very intimate with the workings of the business to thoroughly understand it. You can't sell a business without understanding it and how it works.

We will do an in depth interview to obtain the needed information and then after we have received the needed information about the business, we will compile and complete a business profile of the business. We will use a combination of a formula based on assets, profits, owner salaries, real estate, and other key financial points of the business and what the market is doing in your particular industry to help maximize the full value of your business.
Seller Education
Selling your business can be one of the most important processes you will every go through. It is important that you are well educated in the process of what to expect. American Business Brokers is here to guide you through this process to better equip you and coach you of the expected and unexpected events of the selling process
Reasons Why Successful Businesses Are Sold
• The Owner is retiring.
• There are health issues.
• There are partnership disputes.
• The Owner may have family members who are relocating.
• The Owner is tired or "burnt out".
• The Owner does not want to upgrade.
• The Owner can’t handle the business.

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